JSR 170 Spec Download

Content Repository for Java Technology API was released in June 2005.

Mission Statement

The API should be a standard, implementation independent, way to access content bi-directionally on a granular level within a content repository. A Content Repository is a high-level information management system that is a superset of traditional data repositories. A content repository implements "content services" such as: author based versioning, full textual searching, fine grained access control, content categorization and content event monitoring. It is these "content services" that differentiate a Content Repository from a Data Repository.

Many of today's (web)applications are interacting with a content repository in various ways.

This API proposes that content repositories have a dedicated, standard way of interaction with applications that deal with content. This API will focus on transactional read/write access, binary content (stream operations), textual content, full-text searching, filtering, observation, versioning, handling of hard and soft structured content.

Specification Download

RI (Reference Implementation) Download

  • Released: June 6, 2005
  • Size: 2MB
  • This ZIP contains an early version of Apache Jackrabbit - visit jackrabbit.apache.org to get the latest Jackrabbit release.

TCK Download

  • Released: June 6, 2005
  • Size: 14MB

First Level Appeals Process

Any licensee of the JSR-170 API TCK can challenge one or more tests defined by the JSR-170 API TCK using the First-Level TCK Appeals Process described in the document below.